Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A Captive Audience: Read to Your Kid While They're in the Bathtub

My 9-year-old went through a period where she loved to take showers. Then she reverted back to wanting to take baths. I shouldn't say "revert" like it's a backward step ... I still take baths sometimes because they are relaxing, after all!

Anyway, today she was in the tub and she likes for someone to stay with her, which usually means me. I like to use that chance to catch up on homeschool reading ... today it was Catholic Heritage Curricula's Science 2. I've owned this book for a long time and have read the stories over and over to the kids over the years. Now I'm trying to get them all read to my three youngest kids. I'm sure I'll read them again to my 7-year-old sometime, maybe next year even.

I love my little captive audience. She listens and asks questions and it's great one-on-one time, which is rare in a big family.

Then she got out of the tub and went to "play school" ... getting out her co-op backpack and putting on her jacket and making her "school lunch" ... and I love these rare days that are unhurried. I love them even more probably because they are so rare. Did I mention she made the pantry her locker?

Where do you like to read to your kids? Do you read to them even when they get older? I bet you they still enjoy it even in their teens :-)

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